Sanaa Region

Dar alhajarWadi Dhahar:

This famous and spectacular valley is only twenty minutes drive from Sanaa.   Visit the Immam’s Palace, built high on a narrow rock pinnacle and overlooking the valley of grape vineyards, pomegranates and apricot trees.

 Bayt Zapatan;

A tiny village at the foot of the mountain, close to Sanaa, surrounded by green plantation of apricot and Valnut trees – a place not to miss, not far from Sanaa; still in the middle-age time.

 Bayt Boss:

A rocky village, built in a top of a mountain, overlooking Sanaa, Jewish origin with beautiful and nice decoration on the building, stone architecture.

 Al Rowda

Al Rowda was used as a rest by the wealthy families of Sanaa.   The buildings are typical of the unique Sana’ani architecture.   Al Rowda is also renowned for its quality of grapes.


Haz, known in ancient times as Ramada’ of the 1 C A D still has an ancient castle to be seen. The village is constructed of black volcanic rock, making it quite unique in the area.   Note how almost each house has adopted pieces of ancient temples into their buildings.

It is about 30 Kms. North West of Sanaa, Has is a historic city in Hamdan Country, Sanaa province, near Qa’a Almiqab in old Mikhlaf Aqial.   Its name was mentioned more than once in old Yemeni scriptures as the city of Hagarn.   It was described by the famous Yemeni historian Al-Hamdani in his book ‘Description of Arabia’, as a great pre-Islamic antiquarian site.

 Visitors can see the remains of its old wall and other relics.   It was the Metropolises of Althulth Hamlan of the Union of Samaie tribes.   Today the site includes ruins, sculptures and old Yemeni Musnad scripts on the stones.


Hababa lies on the Shibam plain between Thula and Shibam itself.   Again Hababa shows the visitors a different aspect of Yemeni architecture.   Its walls and the old center are superb examples of a great past.

 Thula:thila city

As most of the villages surrounding Sanaa, Thula is of pre-Islamic origin. Its architecture is one of the finest examples of stone work in Yemen.   Thula has been an important stronghold for the rulers of Sanaa during the various wars.


Historical villages, in front of Zakati, not far from Kowkaban, purched on top of a rocky hill.   It has been destroyed during the civil war during 1970s.   Today a new village has been built over the mountains in front of the old village.   From here, you have one of the most beautiful views of Yemen and over the valleys which comes down the Red-sea coast.   This village was very important in the history of Yemen as lot of Immams and rulers were born and died here.   It is very nice for those who like to trek in the area and see the beautiful scenery in the valley down to Tehama.


This village is enjoyable to visit on its weekly market day of Friday.   From here a Himyaritic staircase links the villages to Kowkaban.


Kowkaban is found on a grand plateau overlooking the Shibam plain.   There is only one gate into the city and until recently the only access toit was the footpath from Shibam. This was the old town of renowned artists and ruler since throughout the long history of Yemenand has a wonderful view.

 Wadi Al Lahjur:zakati

Together with Wadi Gazwan and Beduge, these are the three tiny villages are connecting through a beautiful Wadi which at the beginning it is Wadi Gazwan and at the end it is Wadi Al Lahjur.   Between 4-5 hours trekking tour you can walk along the Wadi and spend a beautiful day.   This trip is advised for those who wish to stay for more than one day in Kowkaban area or Thula,


Zakati was found on the Kowkaban plateau and overlooks Hababa. One must visit the ancient and fortified market place built on the pinnacle of a narrow rock.

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