Central Region

tawelaHere Yemen has hidden itself from the rest of the World for centuries.   Here all the fantasy and the creativity of the people are brought to life.   Mountains towering 3000 high, deep valleys, solitary villages perched on inaccessible mountain tops create a vision of fantastic dreamlike Kingdoms lost on forgotten.

 Al Tawila

Al Tawila was one of the major towns during the Turkish occupation.   This attractive village of stone architecture offers to the visitor another chance to imagine him or herself living in past centuries.   Tawila is surrounded by lush green terrace high in the mountains.

Al Mahwit

Driving down from the highland of Mahwit you will be attracted by the transformation of the terrain from semi arid to the tropical environment. The visitor is surrounded by thick green vegetation, tropical fruits such as bananas, mangos and papayas.   Stop and taste these delicious natural products.

Haraz MountainsKawkaban


During certain times of the year Manakha is covered by a thick fog.   At 2100 Mtrs. above the sea-level, this village was a stronghold controlling the routes between Sanaa and Tihama.   Not to be missed is a visit to the old market and its alleys. A stop in Manakha give the visitors a chance to make various excursions into the Haraz region, considered one of the most charming areas of Yemen.   This area is especially delightful for trekking.

Al Hajarah

Al Hajarah is one of the most impressive examples of stone architecture in Yemen.   Al Hajarah remains unchanged with its stone skyscrapers perched on the rock plateau.   Visitors never forget the first view of Al Hajarah which to say the least is stunning.manakhah

 Bayt al Amir

A tiny village, perched at the top of the mountain, overlooking one of the most beautiful green valleys with tropical plantation of Yemen and Wadi going to the Red-sea coast.   This is a place not to miss and one of the most intact in Yemen.

 Huzn al Haimy

A 45 tiny villages, not far from Bayt al Amir, dated to VII-VIII C, surrounded by Qat plantation; the location is one of the best in this area.

 Al Haraba

One of the most beautiful villages in Haraz area, purched at the top of the rockey hill surrounded by green valleys and mountains; time has stopped here and once you go there, you really would not want to leave this place.

 Jabel Shibamjeb

Here we are on the roof of Yemen.   Throughout the year, fog prevails, though every now and then it breaks and reveals a vision that reminds one of the turbulance of the world creation.


North of Manakha, a narrow dirty road brings the visitors to Hoteib.   It is an important Pilgrimage center for the Ismailis.   From Hoteib various foot paths lead the visitors down to the picturesque valley and more fortified villages of fine stone building.   It was mostly from this area that the famous Yemeni coffee grown to be exported to Europe.


Dhamar lies in the most extensively cultivated plains of Yemen.   Its market found in the old center will transport you back to biblical times.   Dhamar was the center for the breeding of Arabian horses.


Damt is famous for its mineral water springs and volcanic landscape.


This was the first famous capital of the Himyar Kingdom before it was moved to Sanaa.   Unfortunately, none of its splendor is left and is today a tiny village. However is a small but, rich museum that must be seen.


Ibb lies on a mountain side overlooking a beautiful valley.   Here, the soil is generous and fortified places are often shrouded in a light mist.   A walk along the cobbled streets through the well preserved and medieval center gives testimony to its wealthy past.


Jibla was capital of Yemen between the ninth and the II C A.D. it reached its splendor under the reign of queen Arwa Bint Ahmed, 1087 to 118 A.D.   During this flourishing period, the queen enriched the town with beautiful palaces and mosque that can still be seen today.   Jibla is a princely town set in a lovely green mountainous environment.


The Ba’dan region is just half-an-hour to East of Ibb.   The visitor will find himself in the greenest region of all the Arabian peninsula.   Castles and Turkish fortress stand as guardians along the mountain tops to this hidden area.

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