The Tihama Coast

beachHere Yemen shows us a different face.   Here Africa meets Arabia and results in hybrid culture that is both attractive and rich.   The Tihama is home of one of the finest remaining artisans and historical cities.   All having been influenced by seafarers who visited the shores of Yemen through the centuries.

 Wadi Mur

The road that links Al Lohaya to the highland crosses one of the most fertile and richly cultivated regions of Yemen, Wadi Mur.   This Wadi is influenced by African style villages.


We use Hodeidah only for O/N.   Anyway, please find hereunder some information:

You will have a short tour of the coastal town of Hodeidah, the capital of the area of Red-sea coastlands called theTihama, and worth visiting for the striking change in scenery from the Sanaa province, the landscape is neither as awe-inspiring nor as beautiful and the climate can be hot and humid.

 By Yemeni terms, Hodeidah is a young city.   It was a port in the early 1500’s but was destroyed in 1809 when the Wahabbi forces marched south from the Jizzan area.   Once the British had started to develop Aden in the 180’s the Ottoman Turks began to turn Hodeidah into an efficient working port.   The city was destroyed again in World War I and then again in the Saudi-Yemeni War.   Only since 1934 has Hodeidah been allowed to develop without disturbances.

Because of its turbulent history, you will not see the abundance of old buildings to which you become accustomed as you tour in Yemen, but, it is an interesting city nonetheless, and you will visit the fascinating fishing port to the South of the City.

 Wadi Jahabaotomah

This is a beautiful Wadi, between Red-sea and South of Hodeidah and Bayt al Fakhi. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Wadis with big agricultural plantation and palm trees Oasis.   Another nice thing is you will have small desert in the middle of green plantation.

 Al Dhuraihimi

It is an old village close to Hodeidah in the Red-sea.   Once it was an important place for the hand-woven materials.   Today, it is a beautiful small village, very close to the Red-sea coast, surrounded by the huge Palm trees Oasis, at the beginning Wadi Jahaba.

 Wadi Rima

One of the oldest Wadis of Yemen. All along the Wadi Rima on the Tihama plain, 100s of cities were born in the ancient times. Today, the ruins and traces of ancient civilization still can be seen.   Wadi Rima is one of the greenest Wadis in Yemen and vegetation, different varieties of tropical trees all-around.   Landscaping – it is one of the most amazing in Yemen where the green of the tropical plantation created and incredible contrast with golden colour of the sand dunes.   All along the Wadis moving sand dunes and green tropical plantation creates an unique atmosphere.

zabidDrive along the Wadi Rima is to be considered one of the most fasinating driving in Yemen where the desert of the Tihama suddenly reach the Red-Sea.

All along the Wadi Rima 100s of villages, African Style, in the biblic times and here the time has not changed since ever; may be the only place in Yemen where nothing has changed.


It is one of the beautiful beaches in Tehama on the Red-sea where Dates, Palm Trees etc. surrounded by the Sand dunes which created an unique atmosphere.


Tiny African-style, fishermen villages in front of the Red-Sea at the end of Wadi Rima

 Al Faza

One of the oldest ports of the Red-Sea.   Today the only thing left with is a small, tiny, beautiful mosque built in some 1000 years ago.

You can see the biggest Dates, Palm trees plantation of Yemen. Beautiful beach where you can swim and relax on the Red-Sea.   You can have excursion to the archaeological sites in and around.  

 Al Mashaih

One of the most beautiful African-style villages of fishermen in Yemen coastline, between Aljah and Al Faza, where you can swim and relax.

 Wadi Zabid

One of the oldest, greenest wadi in the Arabian Peninsula with one of the biggest Dates, Palm trees plantation of the Peninsula.

Drive along the Wadi Zabid will take you back to centuries and Zabid was once the Capital of Yemen.   Time is stopped and nothing has changed here.

 Al Mudamman

Oldest archaeological site in Yemen so far, dated back 5000 BC.

Al Lohayacamel

Wealth came to this town through the trade of pearls.   The villages built decorated homes with finally wood carved balconies and windows.   Now abandoned, the echo a rich past that rose from the shores of the Red-sea.   The huge castle on the hill-top overlooking Al Lohaya Bay was witness to its years of prosperity and subsequent decline.

Al Khowba

Al Khowba is a large and colourful fishing village of special attraction is the numerous Sambuk boats along the seashore painted in various hues creating a festive atmosphere.

 Ibn Abbas

This ancient tiny port was famous during the Turkish occupation.   Today, only ruins of the castle and the solitary mosque that overlooking the Red-sea remain.   Excursions by car to the several villages, Oasis, water wells and sand dunes are a delight.

Al Orj

Al Orj is a few kilometers north of Hodeidah.   This cheerful village lies along one of the most beautiful beach of Yemen.   It’s a paradise for the naturalists with its palm trees, mangroves and varied bird life.


This was the major port of Yemen for centuries.   Now it is immersed in the sand.   It was from this port that the famous Arabian Coffee was first exported by the Dutch.   Great warehouses were erected as more Europeans discovered Yemen’s treasure of Mokha Coffee.   Only ruins of its glorious past remain to be visited the shores of Yemen through the centuries.

Al Kokha, Yakhtul, Al Mulkzabid2

North of Mokha, these three quiet villages along the beach offer the visitor a chance to dip into the Red-sea, with its vibrant reefs and underwater.   Ask the fishers for samples of the wonderful various fish of the Red-sea.   Also, look for exotic bird life, always to be found where there is a reef.


Zabid is a fantasy like city that has a reputation for being one of the great cities of learning.   The suq is labyrinth that leads you to a fine great mosque.   The tradition has it that it was here that algebra was invented.     The ornamented houses are worth visiting.   Zabid is known for its sense of calmness and spirituality.

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