dragon treeThe beautiful island of Soqotra is about 3625 It is a very unique and interesting island. This was opened for tourists very recently.

 As this was opened for tourists only very recently, this is slowly developing and presently the facilities are very basic and primitive:

the hotels are very basic ones with sharing bathrooms out of the rooms. There are only 3 hotels all in Hadibu - 1 Star Basic

  • Summerland Hotel - 15 rooms - bathrooms out side – restaurant available.
  • Al Jazeera Hotel - 7 rooms bathrooms outside - no restaurant.
  • Hafij Hotel - 17 rooms - bathrooms outside - no restaurant.

 The airport is a newly constructed one, about 15 km from the capital Hadibu.

Currency used there is Yemeni Riyal. You can use dollars in hotels only.You can change dollars only at the only bank available there. It is open only during the morning (0800 - 1200)

 beachThere is a wide range of outdoor activities based on the natural and cultural attractions. These include, day and overnight tours in 4WD cars, on foot or by camel, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, beachcombing, bird watching, and wildlife photography. Our guides have a lot to offer to visitors, who will get to know the unique nature, traditions and landscapes of Socotra.

 As a normal tourist, we advise you to stay one full week. Less than that you will not enjoy the island much and more than that is not advisable. If you are interested in much hiking or in botany or Terrestrial life then you may stay 2 - 3 weeks in the Island.

 As hotels are only on Hadibu and you will not be able to drive back to Hadibu everyday from all the places, it is always better to camp at least 3 nights a week.

 We will provide all the camping materials, but it is recommendable to bring your sleeping bags. Most of the camping places are near the beach or in nice valleys where there will be always water for swimming and washing.

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