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Universal Touring Company (UTC)....Your guide throughout Arabia Felix

Universal Touring Company (UTC) welcomes visitors to Yemen since 1985 and it is the leading in-bound tour-operator in the country. UTC is attentive to Yemen's cultural heritage and architectural preservation and since many years dealing with worldwide organizations like Unesco , Aga Khan, World Monuments to create awareness on this issue and in any type of conservation and environmental program .All Museums, Universities, Cultural Associations, Archeological Expeditions having activities in Yemen use UTC as their handling agent..logo

Our pluses - Offices at airports and cities country wide : 24 hours assistance available. · Complimentary on the road mineral water and coffee breaks. · Information kit upon arrival · Good bye gift. · Meet and assist at our office by multilingual staff · Our office an old palace of the 19th century wonderfully restored for you · Up-dating of all our itineraries and excursions every year in order to have always something new to discover for our clients.

Yemen is a country that time forgot. Insulated by majestic mountains, desert sands, green valleys and amazing coasts. Yemen’s tribal culture, unique architecture and stunning terrain transport you to another time. Universal Touring Company is a premiere travel agency, specializing in helping our visitors discover this enchanting country with comfort, taste and efficiency that are unsurpassed. Do not expect us to push you into prepackaged tours, rather we pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ requirements and then tailoring our tours to their expectations, no matter how challenging or adventurous your needs are. We are the most popular and trusted touring company in Yemen. We personalize our tours from the tour operator to the single visitor.

Let us be your host and organize your visit to experience: sleeping in stone skyscrapers or on the peaks of Yemen’s panoramic mountains; driving into the desert to discover the civilization that the Queen of Sheba built; living and eating with hardened tribesmen; searching for exotic crafts in ancient bazaars or suks; exploring Yemen’s uniquely crafted architecture; and enjoying the warm hospitality which Yemen is rightly famous for.

All this is made accessible to you by Universal’s team of experienced multilingual (Italian, French, English, Spanish and German) Guides and a fleet of comfortable four-wheel drive vehicles. Universal Touring Company receives clients from Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Swiss, Scandinavia, UK, US, Greece, Austria, and Middle-East. We are a fully integrated service providing among other services, ticketing, hotel reservations and car rentals Challenge us to bring you the best and sit back and enjoy the experience; be sure we take care of the details.

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  • ugcSince its establishment in 1983, Universal has had its attention firmly focused on the pulse of travel. We started out as a small travel agency in Sana’a to become, after a few years and lots of dedication, the most reputable fullspectrum travel & tourism establishment in the country.
  • HertzThe largest fleet of cars in Yemen with a wide variety of models equipped with the latest comfort & safety features.Hertz, the world’s leading car rental company, continues to deliver superb transportation services for over 90 years worldwide
  • yctaIssuance of international driving permits and Trip Tickets which facilitate driving privately-owned vehicles throughout several regional countries.Issuance of international driving permits
  • travelWe believe that your travel experience, whether for business or leisure, should never be spoiled by any disruptions. we made sure our clients’ time was highly respected and their travel arrangements are well looked after.