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We have been, since establishment, a pioneer in the tourism industry in the Middle East and at the same time, the first Tour Operator dealing with all international organizations like UNESCO, Aga Khan Foundation, World Monuments Fund, etc. mahmoudUniversal Touring Company is the first Tour Operator to restore an ancient building in the old city which today is used as our Head Office. The first one to build an heritage hotel in Hadramout Region through our sister company Universal Hotels and the first one so far to sponsor and support an exhibition on the ancient civilization of Yemen (this exhibition is going around the main cities in Europe since the last four years). There is no tourism without culture and we think that the only way for peace is the exchange of cultures through tourism. We look at the tourist like a visitor, a guest, a curious traveller who needs respect and a solid organization behind him, a team of skilled connoisseurs of the field. Every year we explore the territory looking for new roads, sites and hidden surprises to satisfy our clients' requests. So far, with our itineraries, we cover 60% of the country and still another big part is waiting for us to be proposed through our itineraries. The target is only one: the clients' satisfaction. Today we are proud to be part of the Board of Founders of the first Cultural Heritage Foundation in Yemen in which we are represented by our Chairman and Founder, Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani. The aim of the foundation is the preservation of the Yemeni heritage in all aspects. A network of offices throughout the territory and a team of skilled employees are ready to welcome you to our world – the world of Universal Touring which will take you to explore the country in a way that you will never forget. Just be seated in our four wheel drive cars, listen to our multilingual guides and admire the magic world of UNIVERSAL TOURING COMPANY ….






Someone has said that YEMEN is the most beautiful country in the world in the sense that everything is intact, beautiful and still so magic, and full of poetry. A step into our past – past that is part of our culture, our roots, what our forefathers have built with their own hands and heart. Something that you will not find elsewhere. A feeling that only if you go deep in to the territory of Yemen, you will still find, while the rest of the world is running into globalization. Come to visit us. Sit down with us and let us discuss and plan your trip, wishes and dreams. Are you an architect? Well, then we will tailor-make for you a perfect tour of all architectural features in the country. Are you an explorer? Fine, come with us and we will take you to the hidden places of Arabia where nobody else so far has been. Or if you wish to lay under the sun on a beach where your only neighbors are birds, just ask for it, we will provide.

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  • ugcSince its establishment in 1983, Universal has had its attention firmly focused on the pulse of travel. We started out as a small travel agency in Sana’a to become, after a few years and lots of dedication, the most reputable fullspectrum travel & tourism establishment in the country.
  • HertzThe largest fleet of cars in Yemen with a wide variety of models equipped with the latest comfort & safety features.Hertz, the world’s leading car rental company, continues to deliver superb transportation services for over 90 years worldwide
  • yctaIssuance of international driving permits and Trip Tickets which facilitate driving privately-owned vehicles throughout several regional countries.Issuance of international driving permits
  • travelWe believe that your travel experience, whether for business or leisure, should never be spoiled by any disruptions. we made sure our clients’ time was highly respected and their travel arrangements are well looked after.