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Universal Touring Company invites you to experience the wonders of the world. Whether its a fully escorted vacation, river cruise or an adventure trip, Alpcord ensures high class and personalised service to our every client. The tours are designed keeping in mind your interest and budget. The facilities include the finest hotels, comfortable coaches, sumptuous meals, exclusive itineraries and most importantly a knowledgeable crew. We aim to make your trip a memorable one.


Our best destination: Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Srilanka, Lebanon, Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and so on.

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  • ugcSince its establishment in 1983, Universal has had its attention firmly focused on the pulse of travel. We started out as a small travel agency in Sana’a to become, after a few years and lots of dedication, the most reputable fullspectrum travel & tourism establishment in the country.
  • HertzThe largest fleet of cars in Yemen with a wide variety of models equipped with the latest comfort & safety features.Hertz, the world’s leading car rental company, continues to deliver superb transportation services for over 90 years worldwide
  • yctaIssuance of international driving permits and Trip Tickets which facilitate driving privately-owned vehicles throughout several regional countries.Issuance of international driving permits
  • travelWe believe that your travel experience, whether for business or leisure, should never be spoiled by any disruptions. we made sure our clients’ time was highly respected and their travel arrangements are well looked after.